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About the Official Directory

The Principality of Monaco’s Directory was published for the first time in 1877, printed using the Journal de Monaco presses under the aegis of the government. In 1834, however, a private initiative, which was never followed up, predated this publication, under the title Almanac of the Principality of Monaco

The Directory provides an annual list of official functions, as well as details of businesses, a wealth of statistical and socio-economic information, and historical and tourist notices. It included a map until 1940. The Directory switched to a more exclusively institutional and administrative purpose in the second half of the twentieth century.

The last paper edition was released in 2004, after which it was replaced by a regularly updated dynamic website.

With the publication online of the Journal de Monaco website in 2016, the Consultative Committee on the State Archives issued a recommendation on 14 October 2015 suggesting that editions of the Official Directory of the Principality of Monaco should be made public, promoting scanning and digitisation of the publications to encourage their use. The collection of the Archives and Library of the Prince’s Palace was digitised with this purpose in mind, with gaps supplemented using the collections of the Central Records Office (SCADA) and the Monaco Multimedia Library Regional Collection. A total of 109 paper editions of the Official Directory published between 1877 and 2004 have now been made available online, together with the electronic editions of the Official Directory published since 2011.